About Alisa...

I am a former dancer of National Ukrainian Dance Studio based in Kiev, Ukraine with over 25 years experience in teaching. In 1995 I moved to the UK following my husband's work who is an ice skating coach. In 1998 I began working with young athletes at Bradford Ice Arena as a ballet teacher where I enjoyed working for 22 years. Being professionally trained in both classical and contemporary style of ballet, helped me develop a routine for young ice skaters focusing on their particular needs such as balance, flexibility and core strength. It also helps them develop their artistic ability and confidence.


Soon after working with young ice skaters I began running classes for their parents , tailoring my dance routine for adults with different abilities, physical strength and age group.

In 2014 I started to run ballet fitness classes for adults at Bodylogix Studio in Saltaire, welcoming anyone who enjoys ballet and wants to improve their flexibility, posture and balance. These classes are a combination of ballet barre work and toning exercises on the floor that focus on sculpting the body from head to toe, improving core strength, coordination and posture. 

From June 2021 after a very long lockdown we are happy to restart our classes at a new location in the beautiful village of East Morton at Morton Institute.