Classes available to join:
11am - 12pm 

You do not need past experience in ballet to join Alisa's ballet fitness classes. We are happy to welcome new members at any time. Working together week by week develops confidence and a sense of achievement in an enjoyable and a very friendly atmosphere.


The class consists of two parts; work done by the barre and on the floor. The first part of the class concentrates on basic ballet elements that elongate the muscles, helps to develop concentration, coordination and balance. Floor workout is a set of movements combined with stretches performed lying or sitting on the floor. It's an ideal way to strength, length and tone all groups of muscles , whilst increasing flexibility of the entire body. This form of exercise is particularly beneficial for those who want to concentrate on toning tummy, bottoms and thighs known as "problem" areas.

Our adult ballet classes are an inspiring way to develop strength, flexibility , elegance and coordination. We promise that you will not only increase your fitness level but help you improve your concentration and mental agility. And the only way to find out if it works, is to come and join us!



Single lesson                            £10


5 consecutive lessons           £40


8 consecutive lessons           £60